The Community

We are fortunate to be working with the community of Siripudi in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. This community is composed of people from the Scheduled Caste and Tribes, the lowest rung of the Indian caste system. As a result, they are socioeconomically ostracized and the COVID-19 epidemic has only accentuated the obstacles they face daily.

Siripudi Overview

Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh  

The villagers of Siripudi face daily discrimination as members of the lowest caste system in India - securing consistent work is often difficult. With only thatched houses, the village has no permanent infrastructure and is vulnerable to seasonal monsoon flooding. Regular schooling has recently begun for the largely illiterate community, held within the residental huts at night.

COVID-19 Impact

April 2020 - Present

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted the Indian economy, leading to many communities, including Siripudi, to experience food shortages. Government rations have been insufficient with the ongoing lockdown and the PUC team in Spring 2020 was able to raise over $1,600 to provide some support. We highly recommend learning more about the current lockdown and consider donating to CASA.