Our Project

PUC India is designing, funding, and constructing a 31' x 26' Multipurpose Community Center for the village of Siripudi. The structure is designed to serve three main purposes: natural disaster relief, administering medical care, and providing a venue for education.

Project Overview

Siripudi, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh


Establish a permanent Multipurpose Community Center in the village of Siripudi, India.


31' x 26' Structure · Elevated Foundation · Electrical Wiring


Provide shelter during inclement weather; a place to administer medical treatment; a foundation for an educational system; a venue for community events.

Project Motivation

  •  Siripudi lacks any permanent infrastructure - the village is composed solely of thatched huts.
  •  The Indian government often sends doctors to villages like Siripudi - there is currently no place to safely administer care.
  •  During the annual monsoon season, the villagers are forced to travel over 50 kilometers to a safe haven to escape flooding.
  •  Schooling has recently begun at night for young children - sessions are held in residential huts without sufficient lighting.

Selected Designs

Project Status & Timeline


Our designs are constantly undergoing reviews and revisions to create the most suitable and cost-efficient structure for the community. We are currently finalizing designs and securing a contractor for construction beginning in late Spring 2021.


  • November 2020  Complete fundraising and finalize designs / add-ons.
  • December 2020  Secure contractor and complete construction schedule.
  • February 2021  Set all logistics in stone and accomodations/travel itinerary.
  • March 2021  Obtain formal governmental approval and begin construction preparation.
  • May 2021  Begin construction and arrive in India to assist in implementation!
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