Meet Our Team

From Social Work to Civil Engineering, our 14 total team members come from a diverse background throughout the Cockrell School and beyond. Meet the team of undergraduates spearheading this project.

2020-2021 Team

This team has taken over the project beginning in 2020 and will expand scope over the course of the year.

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering

  • Why PUC: Scia is excited to work with a diverse and talented team to learn about scheduling, cost estimation, and scope delivery - she looks forward to doing everything she can to support the people of Siripudi.

  • Fun Fact: Loves all things adrenaline-inducing, especially rollercoasters and skydiving. Her favorite rollercoaster is X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Scia Verma  

Project Manager

  • Major: Civil Engineering

  • Why PUC: Rachel is looking forward to gaining experience in project design and implementation, and working with the the people of Siripudi. She also hopes to learn Telugu along the way!

  • Fun Fact: Rachel loves cats and has never had a PB & J.

Rachel Sutherland  

Co-Technical Lead

  • Major: Chemcial Engineering Honors

  • Why PUC: Nathan wants to implemnent the knowledge gained in his classes and proejcts to contribute to an initiative which directly improves the lives of others.

  • Fun Fact: When Nathan is flustered, he lives to relieve pent-up energy by doing handstands, but sometimes he falls and hurts himself and becomes even more frustrated.

Nathan Hardham  

Cost & Resources Lead

  • Major: Government

  • Why PUC: Bedelwa is excited to gain a deeper understanding of the community's people and culture and take part in such an amazing project for an underserved community.

  • Fun Fact: Bedelwa won't shut up about that one time she hiked and camped on a volcano in Guatemala.

Bedelwa Ishiyama  

Communications Lead

  • Major: Chemical Engineering

  • Why PUC: Bhaargavi joined PUC to use all that she's learned through engineering in a way that creates value for others - she's excited to get to know the community and understand how PUC can make a lasting impact!

  • Fun Fact: She's an avid yoga enthusiast!

Bhaargavi Ashok  

Fundraising & Logistics Co-Lead

  • Major: Biomedical Engineering

  • Why PUC: Rohan is exicted to use his experience in fundraising to bring an impactful community center to the people of Siripudi and have a meaningful abroad experience.

  • Fun Fact: Rohan has never tried a gummy bear!

Rohan Mehta  

Fundraising & Logistics Co-Lead

  • Major: Architectural Engineering

  • Why PUC: Ofek is looking forward to execute the technical side of the project with the community's best interests in mind.

  • Fun Fact: Ofek likes going outside.

Ofek Bruhis  

Co-Technical Lead

2019-2020 Team

This "quirky" team was the original seven person group to start this project in 2019.

  • Major: Computer Engineering Honors, Mathematics

  • Why PUC: Colin is excited to work with such a diverse group and help shape a unified team vision to make a real impact for Siripudi!

  • Fun Fact: In his free time, Colin plays water polo and is a self-proclaimed Halal Bros addict.

Colin Phillips  

Project Manager

  • Major: Biomedical Engineering, Plan II Honors

  • Why PUC: Ramya is looking foward to channel her efforts toward more advanced and sustainable healthcare for underserved areas.

  • Fun Fact: Ramya learned how to juggle clementines in 8th grade because she wasn't sure if she had a fun fact. She can ONLY juggle clementines.

Ramya Yedatore  

Fundraising Manager

  • Major: Civil Engineering

  • Why PUC: Elise is very excited to be involved in a project that can have a substantial and positive impact on the lives of others.

  • Fun Fact: Elise loves hiking up mountains everytime she travels.

Elise Higgins  

Cost & Resources Manager

  • Major: Architectural Engineering

  • Why PUC: Audrey is so excited to get real-life experience in project planning and development, and to have the opportunity to help a community overseas.

  • Fun Fact: Matthew McConaughey graduated high school from Audrey's hometown and she's convinced that it's destined for them to be great friends.

Audrey Soltau  

Quality & Manager

  • Major: Mechanical Engineering

  • Why PUC: Britta is excited to be able to apply the knowledge she has learned in the classroom to a real-world application that positively impacts people.

  • Fun Fact: Britta is on the UT Rock Climbing team and loves to boulder in her spare time.

Britta Dalton  

Logistics Manager

  • Major: Biomedical Engineering

  • Why PUC: Dain wants to apply his knowledge learned in the classroom and industry to impact individuals across the world.

  • Fun Fact: Dain has a twin sister and little sister who both play volleyball. He claims experiencing telepathic moments with his twin.

Dain Kasprak  

Scope & Delierables Manager

  • Major: Social Work

  • Why PUC: Jamie is hoping to get experience and feed her passion for community planning and empowering people living in poverty.

  • Fun Fact: Jamie has taken ballet lessons for 12 years and is still not good.

Jamie Li

Communications Manager